Electrostatic purification

NEW AIR electrostatic filters harness the natural presence of electrical charges on the surfaces of polluting particles allowing them to attach to a surface with the opposite electrical charge. 

An electrostatic filter or electro filter is an efficient air purification system that, by exploiting the principle of electrostatic precipitation, allows to remove the pollutant particles. The air enters the filtering system where the ionizing tungsten filaments polarize the air and the negatively charged collector plates retaining the particles in suspension allowing the filter to circulate in the environment air free of contaminants. Electrostatic filters are an effective solution to the problem of air pollution in closed environments such as commercial sites, factories, offices, buildings devoted to health care such as hospitals, rest homes, SNF, private and public environments, libraries, dance halls, schools, banks, etc. The systems of electrostatic filtration are applicable to installations of heating and cooling or recirculated air already existing considerably improving the operation and protecting them from bacteria and germs potentially residing in the plant. Electrostatic filters are used in industrial and civil purposes where it is required a high efficiency of abatement of fine polluting particles. Electrostatic filters may be used alone or combined with a series of other types of filters, such as for example mechanical filters or of post filtration modules, so as to improve and customize the performance in the different situations of use.